What is Timber Creek?

Timber Creek’s office and production facility is located in North Clarendon, a scenic rural area in southern Vermont. We are a small group of craftsman dedicated to designing, cutting, raising, and enclosing timber framed homes, barns and outbuildings. As hands-on owners, we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients the highest level of commitment and quality. As a small sized company, we are able to schedule a limited number of homes and barns each year. We are not a high production, punch out the product, outfit. Yet at the same time, we want our homes to be affordable to the average middle income family, in line with custom stick framed houses. Our philosophy is that we can deliver to you the finest value in a timber frame and enclosure system, dollar for dollar, on the market.

Does Timber Creek build anywhere else besides Vermont?

Yes, we are able to ship anywhere in the Northeast. As an additional service, we can provide a crew to raise the frame, enclose the frame, or simply send a representative for guidance thru the project.  In our past experiences, being flexible is an added bonus to our clients.

What do you provide?

Not everyone has the same criteria project to project. With this in mind, again, flexibility is key. Therefore we provide several different levels of service to meet a clients needs. For barns and outbuildings we may only provide the timber frame and a crew to raise it. Other folks have their timber frame and enclosure system drop shipped to the site with a general contractor providing most of the labor along with technical assistance by us. Most clients opt to have a Timber Creek crew raise the frame and enclose it with our Energy Star rated highly efficient Insulation system.

As a standard to our home packages, we provide complete design and blueprint service, Eastern White Pine Timber Frame, 1 x 8 premium tongue and groove pine for interior roof finish, 2 x 8 premium tongue and groove pine for between floors and lofts, R-41 fully-vented roof system (extremely important feature!!), R-22 wall system, all fasteners, and shipped to the jobsite.

Can we talk with other Timber Creek Homeowners and General Contractors?

Yes, most definitely! Our best sales people are past clients. We encourage new clients to contact folks from our reference list that is available upon request. Discuss how their experience went, what made them decide on Timber Creek, have a few questions ready that are important to you. Also available is a reference list of general contractors who have been involved with our projects. You may ask, for instance, how we communicated and worked together on the site, what they thought of our insulation and enclosure system. Would they build another Timber Creek home for a client? We strongly believe our company, with extensive background in general residential construction, is very builder friendly. Certainly not all subcontractors, including carpenters, electricians, and plumbers to name a few, are familiar with timber framing, and may approach the project with apprehension. We are sensitive to that issue and will work side by side for solutions to any problem or question that may arise. After all, everyone involved wants the best possible finished home for you with the least amount of headaches.

Do you have plans we can look over?

We do have a dozen or so standard plans to look over for you to get a general idea of some of our designs. Over the years we’ve encountered a wide variety of customers, each with their special ideas, needs, and requirements in a home, whether it’s a 900 square foot bungalow or a 4800 square foot retirement home. In the design process, there are a number of issues that must be considered. A few of these are budgets (of course!), lifestyles, the site on which the home will sit, certain views, exterior looks, how the floorplan works with the individual’s needs, personal tastes, and the list goes on. All this information is examined closely by our designer and then the process begins, your new house sketches, elevations, and floor plans. Many clients will take one of our plans and adapt it to fit their needs. Others already have rough sketches or have seen a plan in a magazine that appealed to them. In short, we can design just about anything.

What is the cost of a Timber Creek home or barn?

This is often a confusing aspect to folks beginning to look at timber frame homes. Since we offer different levels of services, pricing has to reflect those levels. Factor in any special design considerations, such as engineered or extremely large timers, and you will find that it’s an impact on budget. Basically we can give a range of prices where the majority of homes and barns fall into. A timber frame only can range from $12.00 (simple design) to $20.00 (a more complex design)per square foot. A Timber Creek frame and shell package ranges from $ 30.00 to $71.00 per square foot. These prices include shipping to the jobsite in the Northeast and unloading by owner or general contractor. Of course we also offer a crew or company representative to either raise the frame and apply the shell. Labor to erect the frame and apply the shell generally runs between $9.00 and $ 49.00 per square foot. All pricing varies in accordance with the particular design, size and location. Some are simple, others more complex.  Here’s a fact of life…construction costs vary from region to region. This is the reason it’s difficult for us to exactly nail down finished costs on a home. Also we find there are varying degrees of what people perceive as standards of living. That said, an average Timber Creek home may run between $150.00 to $225.00 per square foot finished. Some are less, and we’ve been involved with many high-end homes that are considerably more. Items such as garages, decks and covered porches, site work and landscaping are not considered living space and will affect the overall budget. Again, all pricing may vary from project to project.

Can we see a Timber Creek home?

You bet! In Pittsford Vt., we have a new 3100 square foot model home that shows a nice mix of our timber framing. In addition, former Timber Creek clients have offered to open their doors to allow our future customers a tour. These homes are located within a short driving distance from our office and vary in size and design. At our office we can discuss your project, view finished homes from our gallery, look over floorplans, answer questions, and kick ideas around.

All this square foot stuff is really confusing. Why does it have to be that way?

Each project is unique in design, the site itself, different areas of the country where it’s built, the amenities each client would like to see in their homes. One person likes hardwood floors and imported tile, another gets by with carpet and vinyl. Some people wish for a monster Great Room with a huge granite fireplace, others a simple brick hearth to accommodate a wood stove. I like stacks of windows to catch a view, you may have close neighbors and require more privacy, maybe more modest windows. So you see where these differences can come from. All these finishes can and do affect the overall budget. As folks send for information from various companies, they will find every company has a system and every one will provide certain materials, services and degree of finishes. The more info they get, the more convoluted the big picture gets, and it’ s difficult to sort out all that information.  As you may have read earlier, we feel we have the best value for a timber frame and enclosure system, and a pretty good handle on how to get that value to you.

We live in an area where we may need a structural engineering stamp. Can that be done with a timber frame?

Yes. Not all areas in New England require stamped drawings. Should that service be required in your state, county, or town, our frames can be stamped. Usually the fee ranges from $1200.00 to $2,000.00 depending on the complexity of the timber frame.

How do we get started?

Simply fill out either our email information page, request a brochure, or call us at 802-775-6591 to discuss any part of our services. Perhaps you would like to come to Vermont, meet us, take in a home or two. If you like how we operate, and would like to start designing your new home, a retainer is required to begin the process. Once 1/4″ blueprints are finalized, these may be taken to your selected contractors for pricing. A building package deposit then confirms you decision to raise a Timber Creek home. This guarantees a delivery date for your timber frame and allows your chosen contractor or subcontractors to firm up their schedules.  Once delivered, we’ll continue to work closely with your contractor to assure the building process flows smoothly.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.